diverting from landfills

improving the cycle of waste

for a better environment through compost

Our facility helps divert waste from landfills and creates a cycle of waste that is better for the environment.

CHT Resources operates a compost facility located in Delta County, in Austin, CO. We turn septic waste, grease trap waste, biosolids, yard waste and food waste into rich compost.

CHT stands for Collection, Holding and Transfer, a Navy term for the sewage on an aircraft carrier. The founder and Navy veteran, Forrest Fulker, has worked in the collection business for 15 years and has now purchased and operates this compost facility with co-owners Erica Sparhawk and Jake DeWolfe.

CHT Resources

Pricing Notification

Effective January 1, 2022

Waste Type
Food Grease
Sand Trap
Portable Toilets
Food Waste
$29.50/scale ton
$33.00/scale ton

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