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Organics recycling and waste diversion in Western Colorado

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organic waste

Yard waste compost pile at our Delta, Colorado facility

yard waste

Wood chips are a key ingredient in making premium compost. Bring us your yard waste as long as it meets these guidelines. We currently accept yard waste free of charge.

We Accept

  • Branches and limbs
  • Chipped wood and sawdust
  • Logs (maximum 6 feet)

Not Accepted

  • NO treated lumber
  • NO painted, stained or laminated wood
  • NO railroad ties
  • NO bricks,pavers, rocks
  • NO cardboard or paper

Tipping fees

  • Septage: $0.19/gallon
  • Grease Trap: $0.19/gallon
  • Portable Toilets: $0.26/gallon
  • Food Waste: $33/ton
  • Biosolids: $29.5/ton
  • We are no longer accepting sand trap waste.

additional waste
we accept

Call us to let us know if you need to bring us large amounts of other organic waste, including septage and biosolids. We are not currently accepting animal mortalities but will in the future.

For sale

We sell compost

Using local compost is a great way to improve soil health and provide important nutrients.

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Benefits of compost

  • Improves the soil structure
  • Conserves water
  • Supplies beneficial nutrients and microorganisms to the soils
  • Reduces runoff and erosion

Compost Pricing

We can provide nutrient rich compost provided in bulk. We can load it into your truck or provide you with a 5-gallon bucket.

Compost Pile at our Delta, Colorado facility

First Generation Compost

$20/yard: discounts available for purchases over 50 yards. This is screened to ¼” and can be applied in a thin layer on turf or on fields or used in soil mixes. Recommended application rate is 1 ton per acre. Click here to see the nutrient profile.

Call us to discuss delivery options: (970) 744-6691

More compost products coming in 2023.

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